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For a primer in Romanian language grammer, vocabulary and useful phrases, get the new
Language and Travel Guide to Romania
published by
Hippocrene Books.


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The Language

Romanian originated from the Latin spoken by Dacia's Roman conquerers in A.D.105, but has since acquired about one fifth of its vocabulary from German, Turkish, Greek and Hungarian influence.
It is the Romance language closest to the original Latin tongue. Any knowledge of French, Italian, Portuguese or Latin should aid in understanding Romanian.

before i or e = ch, ch = k, g before i or e = j, s = sh, t with a cedilla under it = ts, e at the beginning of a word = ye, and i at the end of a word is silent. Definite articles are attached to the end of a word, i.e. telefonul = the telephone. It is not necessary to say I, you, he, she or it before a verb because Romanian verb endings denote who is doing the action. For example: Vorbesc englezeste = I speak English. Vorbiti englezeste? = Do you speak English?

Some Common Phrases
Good morning. Buna dimineata.
Hello/Good day. Buna ziua.
Good evening. Buna seara.
Good-bye. La revedere.
Good night. Noapte buna.
Please. Va rog.
Thank you. Multumesc.
Excuse me... Scuzati-ma...
I beg your pardon? Poftiti?
I don't understand. Nu inteleg.
Do you speak English? Vorbiti englezeste?
Yes / No Da / Nu
Where is...? Unde este...?
When...? Cind...?
Who...? Cine...? (chinay)
Here... Aici...
There.. Acolo...
Toward... Spre...
To the right. La dreapte.
To the left. La stinga.
Have you any...? Aveti...?
I would like... As vrea...
...and / or... / sau...
I have / We have... Am / Avum...
A little / A lot Putin / Mult
How much is it? Cit costa?
It costs too much. Costa prea mult.
Good / Very good. Bun / Foarte buna.
OK / Fine Bine.
Tickets Bilete
Entrance / Exit Intrare / Iesire
Push / Pull Impingeti / Trageti
Emergency! Urgentia!

Brasov, Transylvania

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